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Departments are encouraged to utilize the campus-wide Microsoft License Agreements when purchasing Microsoft products. Various software packages and configurations are available and offer the University the best value.

Before purchasing other software products, view the Information Technology List of Software Site Licenses at SIUC.

The P-Card may be used when purchasing computer software, which does not require a signed license agreement and is under the Department’s single transaction limit. If the Supplier will not accept the P-Card or the dollar amount exceeds the Department’s single transaction limit, the request should be submitted on a Purchase Requisition and forwarded to Procurement Services, (be sure to distinguish whether Mac or PC is preferred). 

The department must verify if the software purchase requires Information Technology security approval by reviewing the Information Technology Software/Service Request form.

Note: Departments should be aware that signing license agreements and contracts could result in a personal liability. If a license agreement is required, ONLY the Director of Procurement Services has the Authority to Sign the agreement on behalf of the University.