Printing and Duplicating Equipment, Supplies and/or Services

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Departments are expected to use Printing/Duplicating Service to meet their printing and duplicating needs. Accordingly, the use of a P-Card or Purchase Requisition to acquire off campus printing/duplicating services requires the advance written approval of Printing/Duplicating Service. See letter from Chancellor Cheng dated August 19, 2011.

Purchasing equipment that is available at SIU Printing/Duplicating Service, or that perform services offered by Printing/Duplicating, including those available from the Mail Center are prohibited without the express written prior approval of Printing/Duplicating.

Requests for use of the P-Card for printing or related services performed by an off-campus supplier, requires authorization from Printing/Duplicating. Complete the Restricted Purchases – Printing/Duplicating form and email to or fax to 453-1643. If authorization is given, the signed form will be returned to the requesting department to maintain in their records for auditing purposes.