Procurement Policy Board (PPB) Review

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Sole source procurements and awards made pursuant to a competitive bid process are subject to review by the Procurement Policy Board (PPB). The PPB was established as an independent State agency with the authority to hold hearings regarding the implementation and administration of the Illinois Procurement Code, to review specific procurement transactions and to recommend policy regarding those transactions.

Public Act 93-0839 requires that the PPB review procurements prior to the issuance of a contract or purchase order. The PPB reviews sole sources and awards posted on the Illinois Higher Education Procurement Bulletin and has 30 days to:

  • grant a waiver from review of an award as a result of a competitive solicitation,

  • provide input for sole source hearings,

  • request more information about the transaction,

  • conduct a more in-depth review, or

  • suggest voiding an award or contract.

Note: The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) has the same authority to recommend voiding an award or contract.

A purchase order or contract cannot be issued by the University until approval has been received from the PPB or the 30-day review period has expired.