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All advertisements must have the following written approvals prior to the initiation of the transaction.

Ads for employment must be approved by:

  • Appropriate Vice Chancellor

  • Affirmative Action Office

  • Media and Communication Resources

If accepted by the Supplier, the P-Card may be used for dollar amounts up to the Department’s single transaction limit.

The above listed approvals are required and must be kept by the P-Card Manager as part of the permanent P-Card transaction record for auditing purposes.

If processed as a Purchase Requisition, the approved signature(s) must be received prior to the submission to Procurement Services. A copy of the advertisement should be attached to the Purchase Requisition, along with a price quotation from the proposed Supplier.

It is the responsibility of the Fiscal Officer to assure all required signature(s) have been received.

The Purchase Requisition should state if the advertisement needs to be mailed/faxed or if the Supplier already has a copy. This could prevent duplication.

Note: Procurement Services will not be held responsible for unreasonable or undisclosed deadlines.