How To Configure A Dell Computer

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  1. Access the Contracts page of the Procurement Services web site.

  2. Under the Computer heading select Dell Marketing LP. The initial sign on process requires login information.

  3. The contract items are listed on the left hand side of the page. Select “customize” under the item you wish to purchase.

  4. Click on “Update Price” at the bottom of the page once your configuration is complete.

  5. Click on “Save as E-Quote” and fill in the required information, which are items marked with a red asterisk.

  6. Select “Continue” to get your E-Quote number. Write down the number and click on “E-Quotes.” Retrieve your E-Quote by clicking on the number.

  7. Choose "View Order Details" located in the gray bar and print.  A copy of your E-Quote, which is saved for 45 days, should accompany your Dell Computer P-Card Request form.

  8. Fax the Dell Computer P-Card Request Form to Information Technology (fax number listed on form) after acquiring the Fiscal Officer’s approval and, if needed, administrative approval.

If you choose to order something other than a contract item:

  1. Select “System” instead of choosing a contract item.

  2. Choose the product you want to order and then click on the system in order to customize your choice.

  3. Click on “Update Price.”

  4. Save E-Quote.

  5. Proceed as referenced above starting at #6.