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If paying an individual, view Payments to Individuals.

Payments over $4,999.99 should be made on a Purchase Requisition and include a written agreement signed by the Supplier agreeing to provide the service indicating the specified terms including location, service to be provided, event dates and dollar amount.

It is easier for both the Department and Procurement Services when travel expenses are going to be paid, to simply voucher these charges directly using an Invoice Distribution Form rather than making a separate item on a Purchase Requisition due to exact costs being unknown.

NOTE: If a check is to be given to the Supplier immediately after the service, an Invoice Distribution Form must be submitted with the Purchase Requisition including any necessary attachments. The Invoice Distribution Form must state the date when the check will need to be picked up and list the name of the individual(s) who are authorized to pick up the check at Procurement Services. (Photo ID required.)

If a check is to be mailed to the Supplier after the event, the Supplier must sign the “Sellers Certification” section of the Invoice Distribution Form or provide Procurement Services with an itemized invoice, complete with remittance address.

Please allow two weeks lead time prior to the event when submitting a Purchase Requisition. Allow six weeks lead time if the amount to be paid is $20,000 or more. Call two days before the event if an e-mail has not been received stating a Purchase Order Number.

Travel expenses for Suppliers can be vouchered directly to Procurement Services on an Invoice Distribution Form including receipts and a W-9.

Payment for alcoholic beverages will not be allowed, unless Foundation accounts are being utilized.

Lodging and meals for University employees are to be paid using a Travel Expense Voucher.