Rush Requests

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Rush requests are limited to emergency situations related to health, life and safety issues or when material and/or equipment are essential for ongoing research.

  • If using a grant account, Purchase Requisition must first be approved by Grant and Contract Accounting in Accounting Services, located in Thalman Hall, MC 6812.

  • Purchase Requisition must be hand-carried into Procurement Services and approved by the appropriate Buyer, see Buyer Categories. Buyer will review the Purchase Requisition and determine if rush request is justified.

  • If Buyer approves, the Purchase Requisition is routed through requisition control for funds check and Fiscal Officer signature verification, then to Supplier File Manager for verification of Supplier information and returned to the appropriate Buyer.

  • Purchase Requisition is converted into a Purchase Order and faxed to Supplier.

For more information, view Purchasing Instructions.