Imprinted Material

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Media and Communication Resources, 453-2276, must approve all imprinted items prior to purchase. The State code requires that items purchased on state-funded accounts cannot be given away or sold for any reason.

When utilizing the P-Card, written approval must be maintained with the Departmental Card Reviewers records for audit purposes. When using a Purchase Requisition, the written approval from Media and Communication Resources must be attached.

When using a Purchase Requisition, each item with a different unit cost must be on a separate line. For example: Large T-Shirts @ $12.00, must be on a separate line from X-Large T-Shirts @ $14.00.

When submitting a Purchase Requisition for a transaction, it is recommended a written quotation from the proposed Supplier be attached. Be sure the quotation lists screen charges or art and set-up charges as separate line items.