Computer Accessories and Upgrades

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All computer accessories and upgrades must be approved by Information Technology. If purchase totals less than $5,000, the Direct Voucher Method may be utilized. If the Supplier will not accept the P-Card or the dollar amount exceeds the Department’s single transaction limit or $4,999.99, the request should be submitted on a Purchase Requisition and forwarded to Procurement Services.

For P-Card Purchases
Any single item with a unit price of $100 or more is considered (and should be coded as) equipment. Purchases of this type must be reported to Property Control.


Upgrading of existing equipment is considered to be an equipment purchase and must be capitalized to the existing piece of equipment.

Replacement of like and/or similar computer components should not be capitalized. Purchases of this type are considered to be contractual in nature and should be coded as contractual services (repair).

For more information about purchases over $4,999.99, see Purchasing Instructions.