Authority To Sign Contracts

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The only University entity (aside from registered student organizations and University related organizations) that has the legal authority to enter into contracts is the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University.

Therefore, the contracting party for all University contracts should always be the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University. Only those University administrators who have been given the written authority to do so may sign contracts on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Individuals who sign contracts without authority may risk personal liability for the obligations set out in the contract.

The Director of Procurement Services has the authority to sign most contracts involving the procurement of goods and services or the vending of concessions or privileges, which generate income for the University.

Contracts, which the Director of Procurement Services must sign, should be referred to Procurement Services (MC 6813) along with a Purchase Requisition if the transaction is $5,000 or more. If less than $5,000, an Invoice Distribution Form, the contract and, if applicable, an invoice from the Supplier is required. Procurement Services will forward the contract to the Office of General Counsel for review as to legal form.

If specific legal issues are apparent, the Office of General Counsel may be consulted prior to sending the contract to Procurement Services. In all cases, departments should allow a minimum of ten days for review and approval.