Purchases Between $10,000.00 - $19,999.99

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For the purchase of equipment, commodities and general services (excluding Construction) between $10,000 and under $20,000.

Responsible Party  Action 


Submits information on a Purchase Requisition listing Recommended Supplier. 

Process will be expedited if Department provides a written price quotation from the Recommended Supplier. 

If utilizing Grant accounts, documents must be approved by Grant and Contract Accounting within the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration.

Note:  If utilizing Federal Grants, the quote process for Federally Funded Grant Procurement as established by the OMB Uniform Guidance must be followed.

If utilizing Foundation accounts, documents must be approved by SIU Foundation.

Department should know that purchases under $20,000.00 do not require bidding. However, due to the requirements of the Board of Trustees, Purchase Requisitions of $10,000 to $99,999.99 for non-professional services are encouraged to include comparative pricing.  Buyer may competitively bid any Purchase Requisition at their discretion.

Requisition Control

Receives Purchase Requisition and determines item number, appropriate Buyer, location and assures that Purchase Requisition has proper signatures. Also, verifies signatures (e.g. Fiscal Officer or designee, Vice Chancellor, and Chancellor).

Sends email notification to Department Requestor with tracking number and appropriate Buyer.

Supplier File Manager 

Verifies legal name and address of Supplier using AIS and SAMS databases. Checks for W-9.


Verifies price information via email, phone, fax or mail with Supplier. Converts Purchase Requisition into a Purchase Order. Buyer will determine if order will be entered into AIS as a Standard or Planned Purchase Order.

Sends email notification or scanned copy of Purchase Order to Department Requestor and vendor.

Central Receiving 

Receives and delivers tangible items to appropriate Department. Enters Departmental Receipt into AIS.

(Applies to orders shipped to Central Receiving.)


If Department is required to pick up ordered items or Supplier delivers them directly to the Department, Requestor must enter a Departmental Receipt into AIS.

If purchase order is entered into AIS as a Planned Purchase Order, the Department must enter a Release into AIS and forward the invoice to Accounts Payable.

For help in determining if a Departmental Receipt or Release is required, view this chart or call the appropriate Buyer.

Accounts Payable

Upon receipt of an Invoice and Departmental Receipt, will issue payment to Supplier on Standard Orders.

Upon receipt of an Invoice, will match to release in AIS and issue payment to Supplier on Planned Purchase Orders.