Presidential Letter Requirements

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Purchase Requisitions $100,000 or more could require approval from the Board of Trustees. Purchase Requisitions $100,000 - $499,999.99 are approved by the President on behalf of the Board. Purchase Requisitions $500,000 or more will be routed for the Board of Trustees approval by Procurement Services or Plant and Service Operations (construction related). This approval must be obtained following the solicitation process.

Presidential Letter Requirements
Responsible Party Action
Requestor / Department Prepares letter of justification to be submitted with Purchase Requisition, which should include the following information:
  1. What is being purchased?
    • Lab equipment, computer equipment, software, charter service, etc.
  2. How will the product or service be used?
    • To replace old and out of date equipment, to conduct research, to add new technology, for classroom and research use, etc.
  3. What is the source of funding?
    • You must include the Budget Purpose number, BP description and the source of funding.
Note: If the source of funding is a service account, you must tell how the account will be reimbursed. If source of funding is a grant account, you must list the source, or sponsor, of the grant funds.

If the purchase is being made from multiple Budget Purpose numbers, each BP and their source of funds must be listed.
Procurement Services Prepares a letter to go with the award recommendation and forwards it through the proper channels to the Chancellor and the President, respectively. (See Purchases over $100,000.)

Letter Templates and Sample Letters
Letter Templates Sample Letters
Purchases Purchases
From Grant Funds From Grant Funds
Multiple Accounts Multiple Accounts