Purchases of $100,000 or more

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For the purchase of equipment, commodities, and general services (including concession contracts) of $100,000 and above:

Purchase Requisitions in the amount of $100,000 and above require Chancellor approval.

Purchase Requisitions in the amount of $500,000 and above require Presidential approval.

Purchase Requisitions in the amount of $1,000,000 and above require approval of the Board of Trustees, unless they are exempt by the Policies of the Board of Trustees 5C-3(c)(2).

Department should allow sufficient time for this process.

NOTE: Sole source purchases and purchases subject to the competitive bid process are reviewed by the Procurement Policy Board, the State Procurement Officer, Chief Procurement Officer and the Compliance Monitor. For additional information, please see the Procurement Policy Board Review.
Responsible Party Action


Prepares and submits Purchase Requisition and letter of justification. If sole source justification is requested, submits Sole Source Justification form also.

If utilizing Grant accounts, documents must be approved by Grant and Contract Accounting within the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration.

If utilizing Foundation accounts, documents must be approved by SIU Foundation.
Department should know that purchases over the Small Purchase Maximum require formal comparative pricing or sole source justification.

Department should provide sufficient specifications to permit development of an Invitation for Bid Quotation or Request for Proposal.

For sample letters of justification see Presidential Letter Requirements. (completed by Procurement Services)

Insurance Requirements for IFB/RFP:
Prior to sending the Purchase Requisition and Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal to Procurement Services, please contact Risk Management to determine if insurance is required and what the limits should be. Any information obtained from Risk Management must be in writing and forwarded to Procurement Services with the Purchase Requisition and Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal.

Department submits a listing of Suppliers that should receive a copy of the Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal. Buyer, at their discretion, may solicit additional Suppliers. 

All requests over the Small Purchase Maximum must be advertised for a minimum of 15 days on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin. Department must plan purchases in consideration of the additional time that will be needed to process these transactions due to the advertising requirement.

Specifications submitted should not be proprietary or otherwise unduly restrictive. Specifications cannot be photocopied or otherwise identical reproductions or drafts prepared by a potential bidder. Failure to provide adequate specifications with a Purchase Requisition will cause additional delay in processing the transaction.

Intent to purchase on a sole source basis must be advertised on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin at least 15 days and a public hearing will be held in Springfield for input from any interested parties. 

Department must submit a Sole Source Justification form that is detailed and sufficient enough to withstand a challenge by others. A difference in price between potential Suppliers, in and of itself, is not justification for a sole source purchase.

Department should consider that if a challenge to a requested sole source procurement is found to be warranted, the purchase transaction may be withdrawn as a sole source and will be handled under an Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal solicitation process resulting in further delay in completing the transaction.

Posting an intent to make a purchase, as a sole source on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin will provide increased exposure, which could result in a challenge of this method of selection by other Suppliers.
The Director of Procurement Services must approve all requests for sole source justification.

Note: Emergency Purchases on Purchase Requisitions more than the Small Purchase Maximum as required by the Illinois Procurement Code are permitted in case of:  threat to public health or safety, to protect against loss of or damage to State property; to prevent or minimize disruption in State services; or to ensure integrity of State records.

Requisition Control

Receives Purchase Requisition and determines item number, appropriate Buyer, location and assures that Purchase Requisition has proper signatures. Also, verifies signatures (e.g. Fiscal Officer or designee, Vice Chancellor, and Chancellor).

Sends email notification to Requestor with tracking number and appropriate Buyer.


Receives Purchase Requisition and letter of justification.

Converts Purchase Requisition and specifications into an Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal and advertises on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin.

Solicits bids from various Suppliers to be opened on a determined bid date.

Opens bids and makes award recommendation to end-user. Department must provide sufficient back-up justification and documentation when the lowest bidder by price is not being selected since the decision and justification for making an award must be advertised on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin.

Works with Department on sole source justification. Buyer will post on Illinois Procurement Bulletin and verify pricing via email, fax, phone or mail and secures any required paperwork, such as Financial Disclosure, Certificate of Insurance, etc.

Following the competitive procedures, reviews materials and prepares Presidential Letter for the Chancellor. Submits materials to the Chancellor’s Office.

If award is $1,000,000 or more, Chancellor's Office or PSO (construction related awards) prepares Board Matter with assistance from requesting department.

NOTE: Certain Purchase Requisitions as described under the Policies of the Board of Trustees 5 C-3(c)(2) are sent directly to the President’s Office or his designee.

SIU Chancellor

If applicable, signs letter and Purchase Requisition to recommend approval and forwards to the Office of the President.

SIU President's Office

If $500,000 or more, reviews purchase recommendation and approves purchase. Returns original materials to Procurement Services.

SIU Board of Trustees

If $1,000,000 or more, reviews award recommendations and approves purchase.


The State Procurement Officer (SPO) will review the decision of the award for competitive solicitations and publish the award, Financial Disclosure, and the vendor’s agreement to university certifications on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin. The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) will publish the same Information for sole source procurements above the Small Purchase Maximum on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin.


Buyer will determine if order will be entered into AIS as a Standard or Planned Purchase Order.

Sends email notification or scanned copy of Purchase Order to Department Requestor and vendor.

Central Receiving

Receives and delivers tangible items to appropriate Department. Enters Departmental Receipt into AIS.
(Applies to orders shipped to Central Receiving.)


If order is a pick-up or delivered directly to the Department, Requestor must enter a Departmental Receipt in the AIS.

If purchase order is entered into AIS as a Planned Purchase Order, the Department must enter a Release into AIS and forward the invoice to Accounts Payable. 

For help in determining if a Departmental Receipt or Release is required view this chart or call the appropriate Buyer.

Procurement Services

Upon receipt of an invoice and Departmental Receipt, will issue payment to Supplier on Standard Orders.

Upon receipt of an invoice on Planned Orders, will match to Release in AIS and issues payment to Supplier.