Emergency Purchases

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Emergency purchases on requisitions more than the Small Purchase Maximum as required by the Illinois Procurement Code are permitted in case of: threat to public health or safety, to protect against loss of or damage to State property; to prevent or minimize disruption in State services; or to ensure integrity of State records.

Emergency Purchases
Responsible Party Action
Department Considers whether or not their request for an emergency purchase meets one or more of the conditions required to constitute an emergency.

Submits, along with Purchase Requisition, a letter signed by Department’s Vice Chancellor outlining the circumstances and/or conditions that constitute the need for handling the transaction as an emergency purchase.

Provides the recommended Supplier’s name and the total cost of the items and/or services being purchased on an emergency basis. If the actual cost is not known at the time of submission, at a minimum, the department must provide a reasonable estimate of the anticipated expenditure amount.
Requisition Control Receives Purchase Requisition and determines item number, appropriate Buyer, location and assures that Purchase Requisition has proper signatures. Also, verifies Fiscal Officer or designee signature.

Note: Grant accounts must have Grant & Contract Accounting Fiscal Manager approval. Foundation Accounts must have Bryan Vagner’s approval.

Sends email notification to Department Requestor with tracking number and appropriate Buyer.
Supplier File Manager Verifies legal name and address of Supplier using AIS and SAMS databases.

Checks for W-9.
Buyer Buyer will confer with Director of Procurement Services on emergency purchase request. If Director approves, Buyer will post on the Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin and verify pricing via email, fax, or phone and secures any required paperwork, such as Financial Disclosure, Certificate of Insurance, etc.

Buyer will determine if order will be entered into AIS system as a Standard or Planned Purchase Order.

Sends email notification or scanned Purchase Order to Department Requestor.

In addition, an affidavit must be filed by the State Procurement Officer (SPO) with the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and the Auditor General of the State of Illinois for Higher Education within 10 days of the emergency purchase, which provides the same information.

If the completion of the emergency work or receipt of goods will exceed 90 days, a hearing will be held by the CPO as soon as the potential completion date is known or prior to 90 days from the filing of the affidavit whichever occurs first.

After completion of emergency work or receipt of goods, Procurement Services must file a second letter to the Chief Procurement Officer outlining the exact cost of the purchase.