Furniture Procedures

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Contact one of the approved IPHEC vendors pertaining to the category of furniture needed. Dealership sales representatives are available to assist departments with furniture configuration and selection. Limited design services are included in the furniture contract at no charge to the University. The IPHEC contract price includes delivery to the department. Installation is additional and will be charged accordingly based on each vendor’s response to the IPHEC Request for Proposal. There is a maximum percentage charge for installation and cannot be exceeded without written approval from Procurement Services.

Furniture orders placed during May and June, being paid from State appropriations, are at risk of not being delivered within the State’s lapse period. Procurement Services will not allow payments to be made on incomplete orders or on products that are not delivered and/or installed within the State’s Fiscal Year ending schedule. For additional information, view the Furniture Policy.

Procurement Procedures
Responsible Party Action
Department Schedule an appointment with the dealership representative to discuss options and design services for configuration of new furniture.

P-Card Purchases:
P-Card requests require the completion (phone number and contact on form) and submittal of the following forms directly to Procurement Services.
Procurement Services Submits any requests for a panel system or electrical modular office system to Physical Plant Services (PSO) – Engineering for approval to prevent any electrical or ventilation problems.

Approves Furniture P-Card Request Form and sends a copy to the Supplier, P-Cardholder and Property Control.
IPHEC Vendor Contacts the Department before placing order. Delivers furniture directly to the Department location or to the dealership depending on the date for scheduled installation.

Large orders: (i.e. workstations, panel systems) allow a minimum of six to eight weeks for delivery and installation.

Small orders consisting of chairs, bookcases, storage cabinets, etc. usually ship in three to four weeks, which results in a four to five week average installation.

Note: All orders are submitted to the dealership representative, which results in an additional two to three days before your order will be entered into the respective furniture manufacturer’s system.
Department Records Furniture P-Card Transaction Number in the “Equip Purchasing Num” field, when reconciling the transaction within the P-Card system.