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A Procurement Card (P-Card) is a credit card issued to an employee of Southern Illinois University for the purpose of making authorized purchases on its behalf. The credit cards are MasterCards issued through the selected issuing Bank. Each P-Card is set up with a default budget purpose and object code. The Departmental Card Reviewer or Approver reallocates the transactions to the appropriate budget purpose and object code in the P-Card Reallocation software. Each P-Card is assigned a Departmental Card Reviewer and Approver to reconcile and approve the charges. The P-Card Policies and Procedures Manual contains all of the rules and requirements for the program.

How to Request a P-Card

Department determines the need for a P-Card. Sends Cardholder Account form and Cardholder Agreement form to Procurement Services (MC 6813).

Process for P-Card Requests
Responsible Party Action
P-Card Administrator Enters information into P-Card system and submits to the P-Card Issuing Bank.
P-Card Issuing Bank Processes Cardholder Account form and sends the new card to the P-Card Administrator.
P-Card Administrator Notifies Cardholder and arranges for training, where new card will be distributed.

How the System Works
Responsible Party Action
Cardholder Receives approval for purchases (if necessary, internal department/unit process). Makes purchase. Gives receipts to Departmental Card Reviewer.
P-Card Issuing Bank Sends transaction data to SIU daily. Sends monthly statement to each Cardholder.
Departmental Card Reviewer Reconciles a Cardholder’s charges. Reviews transactions using the on-line reallocation system and reallocates the charges to appropriate, allowable budget purpose and object code.
Approver Receives an email alert that there are transaction(s) to be approved. Approves transaction(s) in P-Card system. The Approver can change the budget purpose or object codes and can also dispute the transaction.
Cardholder or Department Card Reviewer Reconciles monthly statement with purchases for that cycle. Attaches all invoices to monthly statement and maintains in file for auditing purpose.


Requests for Higher Limits on P-Cards

A Higher Transaction and/or Monthly Limit Request form must be completed and mailed to Missy Carter (MC 6813). Explain the reason why the increase is needed, the exact amount of the requested increase and, if it is a temporary increase, the time frame needed. Temporary increases are usually requested for travel purposes. Since increases are processed through the bank and take up to 48 hours, please allow sufficient time.

A request to become a Departmental Card Reviewer or a Departmental Card Approver must be submitted on a P-Card Departmental Reviewer Agreement or on an Approver Agreement. After receiving the agreement, training must be obtained from the P-Card Administrator.

For questions regarding P-Cards, please contact Missy Carter at or 453-5516.