UPS Frequently Asked Questions

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Why doesn’t the UPS web site work on a MAC?
You can use CampusShip on a MAC.

Do I have to pay for UPS Supplies?
Supplies that are kept in the UPS drop boxes are free of charge. They can also be ordered on or by calling 800-742-5877 select option 7.

I need to ship internationally.
With CampusShip all users will be able to ship internationally. No special access will be needed. Simply change the country and you are ready to ship.

The package will not fit into a UPS drop box, what should I do?
When filling out the shipping information, you will need to select the check box under option 7 (would you like to Schedule a Pickup?) then specify a time for the pickup. This will alert UPS that you have a package they need to pick up from your office. (For multiple packages shipping the same day, only select this option once to avoid unnecessary additional charges.) Also, if the driver is delivering to you or near you and you have the package ready, you can just hand it to the driver.

What does a Return Label mean?
Only select this option if you need an additional label printed with your address information for a return shipment. Please note that when checking this option, your P-Card will be charged for both shipments at the time of submission.

What does add to Personal Address Book mean?
If there is an address that is used frequently, you may save that information by checking this box. This information will be populated when you select that address from the drop down menu.

How do I change the information in my Personal Address Book?
Click on the My Settings tab on the top right of the screen. Under the My UPS Address Book line, click on Search my UPS Address Book. Scroll down the page and click on the name of the address you want to change. Make needed changes and click update. To get back to the shipping screen, click on the shipping tab in the top left.

Why did I receive an additional charge for a package I sent to an individual’s home?
You must select the “Residential” option when completing the shipping information screen. This will alert UPS that the package will be delivered to an individual’s home. The cost is slightly more than for a business delivery. When this option is not marked initially, UPS must add this information and charge accordingly after the package has been delivered with an adjustment charge to your P-Card.

Who do I contact for a billing problem?

You must call 800-513-1819. Make sure you have your UPS shipper number handy.

What should I do if a label does not appear when I have completed my shipment?

The label is most likely hidden behind another screen or you have a pop-up blocker turned on. To reprint the label, go to View History on the left side of the screen. Scroll down and click the box next to the shipment you want to reprint the label for. Click on ship again.

What should I do if I want a different location to ship me an item, but I want to pay for it using my P-Card?

In section 1, put in your address information. In section 2, click edit on the ship from information. Change the ship from information to the person that is sending the shipment to you. Click update. Proceed just like a normal shipment. Once the label is created, save it to your computer. At this point, you can email the label to the person. Please do not fax the labels as the bar codes can be hard to scan.

I received a shipment error message when using 3rd Party Billing. What shoud I do?

The shipper number and the zip code are required for 3rd party billing. These two numbers much be obtained from the person/company paying for the shipment. The zip code much match the zip code attached to the customer’s shipper number.