Central Receiving

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For Standard Delivery Purchase Orders, which are designated to be delivered to Central Receiving by the Buyer, Central Receiving performs the following functions: receives, processes, and delivers product to the end users on campus.

Central Receiving
Responsible Party Action
Supplier Delivers items to Central Receiving.
Central Receiving Items are physically checked for damages.

Items are checked and matched against Purchase Order.

Processes a Receipt Traveler which includes Purchase Order Number, Receipt Number, number of packages in shipment, and the delivery address.

Sorts items by delivery site. (There are eight (8) delivery sites on campus.)
PSO Laborer Picks up items and Receipt Traveler. Delivers items to the department.

Secures department signature on the Receipt Traveler.

Returns Receipt Traveler to Central Receiving.
Central Receiving Sends the Receipt Traveler to Expediting.