Operational Responsibilities

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  • To purchase quantities of commodities, equipment, and services as requested by the various campus units, at the lowest price consistent with required quality, from suppliers who will deliver purchased items at the specified time and place. 

  • To conduct the preliminary negotiations with suppliers, to locate sources of supply, to obtain price quotations through formal and informal procedures, to select vendors, and to place purchase orders. 

  • To follow-up on purchase orders to ensure that the vendor fulfills the purchase agreement on delivery and that the carrier delivers the shipment promptly and in good condition.

  • To handle, directly with the vendor, all correspondence concerning purchases, including price adjustments, the return of defective or incorrect materials, additional shipments to fill shortages, purchase order cancellation, and to present claims for shortages and damages.

  • To suggest changes that will improve product quality, promote better availability or provide greater economies in purchase or application.

  • To provide information, training, and assistance to units participating in the Procurement card program and to review compliance of P-Card usage with established University procedures.

  • To encourage the use of minority- and female- owned business enterprises as suppliers of goods and services to the University if such action provides value to the University and is not in direct conflict with any other statute, policy, or regulation.